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3 May 2008

1968: Forty Years On

1968 was turbulent year. A year of protest: against the Vietnam War; against racial inequality; and, against the authoritarian state. The year when Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated. The year when Soviet tanks poured into Czechoslovakia. The Summer of Love was a distant memory.

This blog will include a number of posts to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of this formative year starting today with this introduction and the 'On This Day in History' post about the start of the student revolt in Paris.

Other web-sites are also marking the anniversary; although, a quick survey shows that there is less interest in 1968 than there was in 1967 last year.

  • BBC Radio 4 present a web site - 1968 - Myth or Reality? - which includes details of the season of shows about that year, as well as a place where you can share your memories of 1968.
  • The Goethe-Institute have a site called The Global Revolt. These pages provide information about the events of 1968 and give details about various academic conferences and symposia that mark the fortieth anniversary.