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4 April 2008

The Modern Historian

This introductory post is somewhat  unconventional as it does not appear as the earliest post on this blog. This is because I have imported a number of posts from another blog of mine, which used to be themed around the history of counter-culture. Due to pressures of research, work and writing other blogs I cannot dedicate enough time to that subject to keep that blog going in that form. It is now going to be my personal/general blog.

I still wish to maintain a blog on the subject of history where I can share my thoughts, writing and research. As such this blog will focus on modern history (or if you prefer post-medieval history). I am going to look over some of my undergraduate essays and see if they can be edited into a form suitable for posting here, and I will also share some of the fruits of my current research on the response of British newspapers to the French Revolution. I will also share links to primary and secondary sources, and other web based materials that will be interesting to historians of the modern world.