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17 January 2009

On this day in history: Cold Sunday, 1982

On 17th January 1982 much of the United States experienced the coldest temperatures since records began. A high pressure system of Arctic proportions formed over the Canadian province of Saskatchewan where recent snowfall had left the land with no way to retain its heat. Consequently temperatures plummeted creating a mass of cold air that moved south across the US on what became known as "Cold Sunday."

Meteorologists measured record low temperatures the length of the country. These included temperatures of −27°F (−33°C) in Chicago, −26°F (−32°C) in Milwaukee, −5°F (−21°C) in Washington, DC and −2°F (−19°C) in Birmingham, Alabama. The lowest temperature of −52°F (−47°C) was recorded near Tower, Minnesota.

US National Weather Service: High and Low temperature map (Fahrenheit)


Karen Henry said...

Wow. That sort of puts this week's cold weather in perspective, doesn't it?

I just discovered your site recently through Entrecard and I like it very much. I love this sort of historical trivia.

Karen Henry
(Outlandish Observations)

Borkiman said...

Thank you for leaving a comment. It has been rather cold here in the UK too recently. I am glad that you like the blog.