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6 February 2011

Link to The Modern Historian

If you wish to link to The Modern Historian, copy the following code and paste it into your website's html file or add it to your blog. Please leave a comment if you need any help doing this, or if you have a history based site and wish me to add you to my links list.

The link will look like this:


jaz said...

I Find This very useful and the information is very organised. can you read my post about the great depression

Anonymous said...

think you will find zanzibar became a
independant sultanate while tanganyika was a republic on gaining
independants. thanks for an interesting site.

Borkiman said...

Anon: You are quite correct that Tanganyika became a republic, but this was a year after independence. I made a mistake by suggesting that it became a sultanate. I have removed that information from the blog post.

I have also clarified that the short-lived constitutional monarchy in Zanzibar was under a Sultan (rather than the British Crown).

Thanks for acting as a peer reviewer.

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